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We, The HVAC Association of Finland, SuLVI, are a trade union for people who work in the field of HVAC, namely HVAC and energy efficiency services engineers. Our association has 30 local member associations around Finland with a total of about 4,500 HVAC professionals.

We advocate indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency in buildings. We provide networking, education and contribute and support research and development in our industry. We represent the interests of our members in Finland and monitor international development on the industry and evaluate them from a technical perspective. As FINVAC we are a member of SCANVAC (Scandinavian Associations of HVAC Engineers), REHVA, ASHRAE and other international organizations. In addition we offer certification services for the verification of skills in the HVAC industry, as a secretarial organization for FISE Qualification of Professionals in Building, HVAC and Real Estate Sector in Finland.

Annual fee of membership is formed of two parts: one share for member association and one for association. Depending on member association it is a total of 85–120 euro per year. Membership is free for students for four years. Members get discounts on our courses, material and from our partners. Members also receive Talotekniikka-lehti and their newsletter as well as our newsletter.

Become our supporting member

Our supporting members are companies or organizations that share the same objectives as we do and wish to support our work.

Supporting membership includes
• Promotion on our website and in the member newsletter included in Talotekniikka-lehti (8 times a year) and in events organized or taken part by us.
• Free Talotekniikka-lehti in paper copy and discounted fee for job advertisement in Talotekniikka-lehti
• Presentation slot at our local member associations events
• Training voucher for our courses
• Participation in our federal assembly (without vote)
• The HVAC Association of Finland, supporting member logo for your own marketing